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We are seven driven people who work together to help our customers with large and small projects. We are based in Örebro, Stockholm, and Norrköping. We work with private clients as well as companies and municipalities, where we can offer help from ideas and sketches to construction and relationship documents for housing, care facilities, school, and training facilities as well as industries. 


We constantly work to be at the leading edge in terms of ecological and financial sustainability for our projects. To achieve this, we ensure that the buildings we design have a good indoor climate. We design most projects in wood, which is both a building material from a renewable resource and price-friendly in comparison to other materials.

Welcome to Contact Us . We would love to help you with your project.

Sanna Andersson

+46 102 647 045

Interior designer

Jennifer Andersson

+46 102 647 043 


Architectural Engineer


Sandra Matsson

+46 102 647 042 


Architectural Engineer


Therese Mineur

+46 102 647 044 

Construction Engineer

Architecture & Construction

Alfred Kadhim

+46 102 647 047 

Architect RIBA/MSA

Izla De Basso

+46 102 647 041 

Construction Engineer

Architecture & Construction

Parental leave

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